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Don Morgan

Now more than ever

Never before has the nonprofit world been more challenged by seemingly insurmountable external factors making organizational planning difficult. Successful nonprofits must be more focused than ever on obtaining positive results through strategic fundraising and the establishment of collaborative partnerships with organizations that have resources to share. The cost of hiring and/or maintaining a successful development staff to accomplish both goals is a significant challenge for organizations with precarious budget situations. So how do organizations balance the need for good fundraising and strategic alliances with these fiscal constraints?

D.L. Morgan Consulting, LLC provides a practical answer to this challenging question. By partnering with our firm, your organization may maintain a fully staffed development shop without having to incur employment expenses such as taxes, insurance, or workers compensation. Involving our staff in your organization to run your development program in-house, allows you to seamlessly accomplish your advancement goals.

We are confident that now more than ever we can partner with you to turn your vision into reality.